Make it Official
Become a member and help us to enliven the art and cultural community of Freehold Borough, NJ. Each membership lasts until March of the following year. Please see the tiers of membership below.

If you are not able to pay online or you're uncomfotable doing so, please download our quick membership form here and mail it in to us so we can get you on board.



$5 (yearly)
Any individual studying a creative discipline formally engaged in learning, enrolled in a school or college. Students under the age of 18 must be signed up for membership by an adult in their immediate family.


$35 (yearly)
Any individual that wants to connect with us and participate in FBAC events, plus believes in the value of the arts and its ability to strengthen their community.

Organization Member

 $125 (yearly)
Any arts group who wishes to strengthen the local arts community



$50 (yearly)
Any family unit that has the desire to be creative together while at the same time uplift their cultural community. Each person in the family will become a member.

Artist for Artists

Artist’s Discretion (yearly)
Any creative person who produces works in any of the art disciplines: fine art, sculpture, drawing, painting, design, jewelry, photography, theatre, dance, music, voice, culinary, craft work, etc.