Who we are

We are the creative community in Freehold Borough, NJ. The Freehold Borough Arts Council is an open commonwealth of artists, designers, performers, writers, musicians and other creative innovators of all ages and skill levels. Our strength and diversity grows and evolves with each new member. All are welcome.

Our mission

The mission of the FBAC is to INSPIRE, PROVIDE, and CHAMPION the arts to build a greater cultural community. We are driven by our belief in the value of the arts and its ability to bridge cultures, and inspire positive transformation, both in individual lives and entire communities. Our focus is to initiate a public interest in the arts, enhance cultural awareness, and provide assistance and services to arts organizations, institutions and individuals through educational outreach efforts and charitable campaigns. The Freehold Borough Arts Council is a registered not-for-profit corporation established in 2011.


Executive Board

Jeffrey J. Friedman, Esq.
One Broad Street, Llc


Lynn Reich, Former Art Educator, Retired


John F. Newman, Esq.            

Law Office Of John F. Newman





Board Of Trustees



Lynn Reich
Art Educator, RetiredJ

Jilltrude Barba - Artist, Curator of Freehold Art Gallery

Dru-Anne Palaima  - Event and Marketing  Director for Downtown Freehold

Founding Members

Joe Barris
Jeffrey J. Friedman
Raymond Raya
Bob Szita
Richard D. Berger
Paul Gallagher
Lynn Reich
Bernice Garfield-Szita
Amy Beth Caro
Neal Girandola
Stephen Rubino
Brian Sullivan
Yvette Cataneo
Gregory Goldman,
Andrea Rosenfeld
Francesca Elemshawy
Scott Corbet
Danny Tamez
Heather Cucolo
Jill Barba
Phillip Kleinberg
Samantha Daesener
Edoardo Mungiello
Brenda Schofield
Nolan Higgins
John F. Newman
Lee & Dana Ottman
David & Karin Singer