Artist For Art

Freehold Borough Arts Council is proud to have the support of many local and national artists. These artists--actors, singers, painters and photographers to name but a few--have made generous donations to support Freehold's artistic community.  In turn we would like to help promote these talented individuals who have given such generous support to our organization. 

Glory Crampton   S  inger / Theater Performer

Glory Crampton Singer / Theater Performer

Michelle Knox  G lass Artist

Michelle Knox Glass Artist

Creations by the Light of Dawn    Facebook    Etsy          

Creations by the Light of Dawn






Krissy Fraelich       Broadway Star / Concert Singer

Krissy Fraelich  Broadway Star / Concert Singer

George Dvorsky   B  roadway Star / Concert Singer

George Dvorsky Broadway Star / Concert Singer

Phil Kesser     Photographer
Sarah E. Litzsinger      Broadway Star / Concert Singer

Sarah E. Litzsinger  Broadway Star / Concert Singer

David Burnham    Actor / Concert Performer

David Burnham Actor / Concert Performer

Jilltrude Barba   Artist / Freehold Art Society

Jilltrude Barba Artist / Freehold Art Society

Scott Sullivan

Scott Sullivan

Linda Sanfillipo , artist, Freehold Art Society

Linda Sanfillipo, artist, Freehold Art Society

Gregory Sheppard   O  pera Singer

Gregory Sheppard Opera Singer

Paul Gallagher   Art Gallery Owner / Former Actor

Paul Gallagher Art Gallery Owner / Former Actor

Yvette Cataneo   Actress Center Players Freehold

Yvette Cataneo Actress Center Players Freehold

Richard Berger   Fine Artist

Richard Berger Fine Artist

Kelly Cole, photographer

Kelly Cole, photographer

Laurie Bowen DiStasio,  artist and crafter

Laurie Bowen DiStasio, artist and crafter

Ben LeSuer lll , Sketch artist

Ben LeSuer lll, Sketch artist

Daniel Reichard   B  roadway Star / Concert Singer

Daniel Reichard Broadway Star / Concert Singer